Good work for good people

What does that mean? It means that I don’t believe purpose and consciousness are diametrically opposed to profits and success. Brands like Patagonia and the KIND are proving every day that you can help your community, your planet and your clients without sacrificing your bottom-line. Let us be a part of this revolution, let us start doing good work for good people.

How I can be of service to you

brand development

Close up to the logo on a promotional notebook designed and printed by June10th Creative Services for Nuestra Casa Rotterdam's Workshop Carreteras para Mujeres. Link leads to the project's page.

print design

Product photo of a print design project. The result was a poetry book with blue and white texture. This picture features the front of the book with showing the title: 'Pinceladas de una Vida' by María Magdalena Opazo Salazar. The book is on a golden table next to a white coffee cup and a plant. Link leads to the project's page

infographic design

'5 reasons why you should try out coworking' infographic made for startdock. Link leads to the complete infographic's gallery

mixed media

Mixed media project about the City of Rotterdam featuring the city's central public library, yellow octopus tentacles and books in the background. Link leads to the project's page.

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