If I can’t help you,
I know someone who can

In the end, I’m just one person with a very particular set of skills. To me doing good work for good people means thinking of what’s best for them, for you, for the people I collaborate with. Sometimes I am not going to be the best choice, because your needs are outside of my skill set. So I’ve taken on the task of finding people whose values align with mine and whose services can be complementary to the ones that I provide.

Those listed below are wonderful, kind, insanely talented professionals

They share my values and go above and beyond for their clients. I recommend them wholeheartedly and I have no doubt will do great work for you.

Look at these wonderful professionals

Ilse Meijer


“I’m Ilse, an animator based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and I help people explain things for a living. I work as a freelance animator for agencies and animation companies with more than 4 years of experience in the field.”
To see Ilse’s work, follow this link!

Alexandra van Eck-Samarina


“Just like you, I wear a lot of hats: I’m a business owner, a parent, a friend, a sister, a yogi, and a red wine lover (in moderation, of course). I know how exciting it is to have many different roles in life. But I also know how exhausting it could be. So, what I hope to do for you here is to set your copy straight and let you enjoy running your business and the great results it brings.
To see Alexandra’s work, follow this link!

Ralf van Veen

Search Engine Optimisation

“Full-time SEO specialist for eight years. From helping A-brands to training marketing divisions to giving the SEO course. I help my clients with everything related to search engine optimization. I read, write, talk and dream about it.”
To see Ralf’s work, follow this link!