print publication

These projects led to physical printed publications. It’s again a mix of personal work and commercial work.
Print is not dead, even though digital media is more affordable and practical in some ways, there are some things
that are simply better when printed.

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A collaboration with a dear friend. Her grandmother wrote for years and in her golden years, her family decided to put her unpublished poems into a book I had the pleasure to put together.

The cover was carved and printed using linoleum and oil paint. Wanted something imperfect and flowy that would translate the title “Brushstrokes of a Life” in a subtle way. I made a small illustration of the author favorite flower that appears around the book when the poem was of particular significant to her.

The final outcome was a book that was later distributed amongst friends and family who I’m sure will treasure it for years to come. It was my honor to be of service to this project.

A graphic publication about dutch designer Anthon Beeke and actor Nico Tortorella. Both men want/wanted to remain as long as possible on two very different aspects, Beeke in his style and work while Tortorella on his gender and sexuality.

The zine was printed using 3 different kinds of paper including transparent paper and printed in black and white. Both design and production were my responsibility.

Made in collaboration with Mia Sinovec in both design and production. This graphic zine told the story of two colors getting to know each other. They meet, they talk, they clash, they talk and then walk away. Just like people do.

The zine was printed using 2 different kinds of paper, the designs were RISO printed with one color and then silkscreened with the other, then glued and bounded.

Ttrying to improve my essay writing skills and researching the connection between different creative disciplines, I developed this pocket guide with tips on how to improve the reader’s writing from a design perspective or the reader’s design method from a writing perspective. The final product using a RISO printer and different color combinations, and later packaged the individual guides for delivery.