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brand development

These are projects in which the task was to create a logo and branding or just expand a brand
using their identity or following full-on brand guidelines.

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inveni portum solution’s brand redesign

inveni portum solutions was founded in 2006 in Hamburg. The company is now a part of Sellhorn Group of companies operating in the fields of engineering, project management and property consulting as well as real estate and real estate management.

I was responsible for the strategy behind their new image working closely with their team in Hamburg, Germany. The design of the logo, selection of typography, business cards as well as stationary were the first phase of the project before phase two which was website design.

To see the final site visit:

Screenshot of the Inveni Portum Solutions Team Page showing the logo, the navigation, the banner and the first paragraph.
Inveni Portum Solutions Logo
MockUp of the Inveni Portum Solutions stationary

A collective of like-minded, inspirational humans who bring together their strengths & specialties in the health & wellness fields to provide you with the most comprehensive, empowering & holistic experiences possible.

Our work together was to develop a new logo for them. Something delicate and simple that captured their spirit and mission. Staying with earthy and natural colors, we created a versatile identity with components that can be together or separate.

Visit their full website at:

Ahimsa Wellness Co. est. 2019 Logo
MockUp of the condensed version of the Ahimsa Wellness Logo on a Tote Bag

Bre’s Body oils & Butters crafts different shea butter and oil mixes for all skin & hair types. A start-up based in New York aims to create natural skin products focusing on delicious scents and quality.

Our collaboration aimed to create a playful yet mature image that would translate well to social media and packaging. With bright colors and typography, we managed to create something that represented B3’s owner mission and vision.

Follow their journey at

Bre's Body Oils & Butterns Logo

carreteras para mujeres

Image for a project ran by a local non-profit that caters to Spanish speaking immigrants with the financial support of Unilever. The project ‘Highways for Women’ has 6 different components that together aim to give women the tools necessary to overcome their financial, psychological, and professional struggles.

I designed the logo for the project in close collaboration with the communications manager of Nuestra Casa, created posters, and later design and produced booklets that the participants will get as they take the different workshops.