mixed media projects

These projects are experimental pieces that mix photography, illustration, animation,
printing techniques or whatever combination that serves the story I’m trying to tell best.

They are a mix of client work and personal projects. Wanna know more?
Feel free to e-mail me and let’s chat!

This project with Balanzs Yoga Studios aimed to created teacher portraits to feature on their website, social media, and print materials. I was responsible for the art direction, shooting of photos, editing, delivering of materials and then the creation of the alternative mixed-media versions.

Taking mundane corners of Rotterdam that are part of my daily routine and experimented with textures, colors and illustrative elements to highlight what I think makes them special.

For this project, I decided to challenge myself to design for things I’m scared of or don’t like. Made in procreate with a combination of photography and illustrations, the final piece was then animated. To see those visit my experimental instagram here.