Picture of Alex, a dark hair Latina wearing a black jacket, white shirt, jeans and brown boots, sitting resting her elbows on her legs smiling at the camera in front of a metal fence.

Hello beautiful humans

I’m Alex (or Alejandra, I answer to both but one is easier for non-spanish speakers).
I’m a  freelance Graphic Designer working under the name of June 10th Creative Services in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

This might sound silly and naive, but I don’t believe profit should be more important than purpose. As a creative professional, I want to help small businesses that would never be approached by other designers to improve their brands, create new products, market themselves better and support them on their journey any way I can.

Are you a small business with a mission? I want to work with you!
Are you supporting your community with your product? Let me help you grow and support more people.
Do you believe we can design a better world? Then we are on the same page.

Design for purpose-driven businesses

 But wait! Only businesses? Yes and no. 97% of my work is with businesses but if you have a idea for a hand-made gift like a custom print for a friend, a hand-stitched book for your mom’s 50th birthday or a video compilation of an odd animal friendship to give to your neighbour’s cat, I’ll work with you on those too because they sound like so much fun!

Doing good work for good people

Let's make something great together!

Let’s revamp your website, improve the visuals on your social media, make your packaging more sustainable, let’s brainstorm a new concept or let’s make some cool give-aways for your next event.

I’m here to be of service to you and help you take your business to the next level!

Shoot me an e-mail and let's begin!

A particular set of skills…

I’ve lived in a bunch of countries and learnt some tricks and languages.
Yes, I’m based in the Netherlands but I barely speak Dutch but I’m working on it!

  • Spanish
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch

Print or digital?
Well, why not both?

The goal of this whole spiel is to be of service to you, to figure out together what will help you achieve your goals. I work with print and digital mediums because I want to be able to provide you with a high-quality product and an excellent service and that requires a combination of many types of skills and mediums.

That’s also why I’m always working and learning and listening to webinars and talks on Clubhouse, to make sure I can be the best designer possible and help you reach you next level.

Close up to the logo on a promotional notebook designed and printed by June10th Creative Services for Nuestra Casa Rotterdam's Workshop Carreteras para Mujeres. Link leads to the project's page.
Take a look at my past projects to get ideas

Fun fact, I don’t drive.

 But we can always work something out! Haven’t driven a car in almost 10 years since I moved to Europe. I always try to live near public transportation so it’s never been a major issue. If there is a train or a bus available, I’ll come to you or we can meet online anytime. Just reach out through any channel!