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What is a creative service you ask?

sustainable graphic design
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Picture of Alex, a dark hair Latina wearing a black jacket, white shirt and jeans walking through the gardens of Rotterdam City Hall.

I’m Alex (or Alejandra, I answer to both but one is easier for non-spanish speakers). I’m a Graphic Designer and Service Designer working under the name of June 10th Creative Services in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

I believe design can impact the world for the better when all stakeholders are included, when the planet is seen as a living entity and not a source to be extracted and when we apply creative thinking to wicked problems.


I also have a podcast

The podcast is called: “Do I need school to be …?”. As a designer, I’ve been asked more than once: “You went to school for that?” or heard: “I’m sure you can just learn that online.” Creative and Design Education is a topic I’m very curious about and, on this podcast, I’ll talk to Designers, Chefs, Videographers, UX Designers, Educators, Students, Innovators, Photographers, and many other creative individuals about it.

New episodes every Thursday and transcriptions always available on the website, here.