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What is a creative service you ask?

sustainable graphic design – service design –
podcasting – research and writing

Picture of Alex, a dark hair Latina wearing a black jacket, white shirt and jeans walking through the gardens of Rotterdam City Hall.

Are you a purpose driven business who has never been approached by a designer?

Do you like your visual branding but you are not in love with it?

You have an idea and don’t know how to make it a reality?

MockUp of the Inveni Portum Solutions business cards from brand development project. Link leads to the project's page.
'5 reasons why you should try out coworking' infographic made for startdock. Link leads to the complete infographic's gallery
Mixed media project about Disliked Animals featuring a swan, an illustrated mop and yellow details. Link leads to the project's page.
Product photo of a promotional notebook designed and printed by June10th Creative Services for Nuestra Casa Rotterdam's Workshop Carreteras para Mujeres. Link leads to the project's page.
Product photo of risoprinted book, the final results of a print design project on a conversation between colours, words and shapes.
Book MockUp of Print Project. The book is a compilation of poems by María Magdalena Opazo Salazar, curated by her granddaughter. Link leads to the project's page.



The podcast is called: “Do I need school to be …?”. As a designer, I’ve been asked more than once: “You went to school for that?” or heard: “I’m sure you can just learn that online.” Creative and Design Education is a topic I’m very curious about and, on this podcast, I’ll talk to Designers, Chefs, Videographers, UX Designers, Educators, Students, Innovators, Photographers, and many other creative individuals about it.

New episodes every Thursday and transcriptions always available on the website, here.

How did past collaborations work out?

Alejandra went above and beyond on the project and the work was exceptional. I would definitely work with her again.

Mark Bloom, A Willing Participant Corp.

Alejandra was a great help with both the organization of the book and the design of it. Always committed and giving new ideas. It was a pleasure to work together!

Patricia Ulloa, Poetry Book

Can count on Alejandra for great ideas and quick turnarounds. Highly recommended!

Sophie Stuart-Sheppard, Layla Health

Let’s get to know each other

Picture of Alex, a dark hair Latina wearing a black jacket, white shirt and jeans walking and smiling at the yellow bridge in Rotterdam.